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How to join

Follow the official account: Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau on instagram "visit_okinawajapan".

Select or take a photo.

Post your Beach photo on Instagram with hashtag

Terms and Conditions

“Love Beach Pic 2017 Campaign” Application Agreement

Please check this application agreement at the time of application for the “Love Beach Pic Campaign” (hereafter “this campaign”) held by OKINAWA Convention & Visitors Bureauthe Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau (hereafter “OCVB”). Participants who apply for this campaign are considered to have understood and agreed with the terms of this application agreement.

1. Application conditions:
(1) At the time of application, 1. You have an Instagram account and follow the official “@visit_okinawajapan” account. Please understand that by following the account described in 1, information and timeline postings unrelated to this campaign will also be displayed.
(2) Applications from private accounts or those without hashtags are excluded from entry.
(3) Underage applicants are required to apply with the consent of a parent or guardian.
(4) For other details, please follow the instructions given by our company.
(5) No entry will be charged upon entry. However, internet connection costs or communication fees at the time of application are the responsibility of the applicant.
2. Notes on entered works:
(1) This website cites pictures which include the “#LoveBeachPic2017” hashtag and are posted to Instagram and conforms to service usage regulations provided by Instagram.
(2) Through participation in this campaign, please acquire the permission of photographic subjects involved. Our company is unable to bear responsibility in the event that complaints, issues, or disputes arise due to not acquiring permission of the relevant parties beforehand.
(3) Apply with photographs or works created oneself at the time of application.
(4) Make sure that applied works or applications do not come under “3. Prohibited items” listed below.
(5) Our company is unable to bear responsibility for the content of applied works.
(6) There may be instances in which applied works are used for the purpose of this campaign or for introductory/PR purposes (including but not limited to newspapers/magazines/television/various events/listing and display on the homepage). At the time of application, it is to be understood that permission for usage will not be acquired and usage fees will not occur. Additionally, there may be instances in which applicant’s usernames are displayed at the time of usage.
(7) At the time of usage of applied works, there may be instances in which the size or color of works may be modified at our discretion.
3. Prohibited items
(1) Works which fall under one or more of the below items
  • 1. If the photographic subject is a person, and permission has not been granted
  • 2. Works which have already been used in other print media/exhibitions/websites
  • 3. Works infringing copyrights or other rights
  • 4. Works containing obscenity/child pornography/discrimination/violence/threats/grotesque images/defamation/other inappropriate expressions and content
  • 5. Works which transgress public order and morals, and works which express or contain invitations/recommendations/the promotion of acts which transgress public order and morals
  • 6. Works which are judged to be for political or religious activities or commercial purposes, or those which are judged to be for the purpose of transactions for auctions or other solicitation
  • 7. Works which are judged to be for the purpose of introducing or soliciting dating services, pyramid schemes, or multilevel marketing systems
  • 8. Works which are judged to be for the purpose of introducing or soliciting spam email, chain emails or other similar systems
  • 9. Works which include personal information such as names or addresses
  • 10. Other works which are judged to be inappropriate for the intentions of this campaign
  • 11. Works which include items described in (2)
(2) Acts which fall under one or more of the below items
  • 1. Acts of impersonation (using the name of a third party, naming related parties from this or other companies/groups)
  • 2. Acts which interfere with the management of this campaign
  • 3. Slander/intimidation/harassment of other applicants or other related parties
  • 4. Acts which damage the credibility or name of this company or other services/products
  • 5. Acts which cause excessive burden to our servers
  • 6. Acts contrary to laws and public order and morals
  • 7. Other acts deemed as inappropriate within the context and interests of this campaign
  • 8. Applications from suspended accounts with our company’s service or those which have other usage suspensions due to reasons such as violations of our terms of service
4. The contacting of winners and sending of prizes
(1) Winners will be determined through strict judging of all entered works.
(2) Selection is limited to once per applicant. If it is deemed that a winner has already won under a different applied work, the new selection will be declared void.
(3) Contact with winners will be made via direct messages through Instagram by the end of April.between the start and middle of April. If a reply is not received within a determined period after the sending of the direct message, there may be instances in which the win is deemed as void.
(4) Prizes cannot be selected by winners.
(5) Prizes will be sent to the address of the winner themselves. Prizes cannot be send to addresses other than the winner’s address.
(6) The shipping of prizes is planned for the end of April 2016. However, there may be instances in which the shipping time is changed due to the progression of the campaign or other unforeseen circumstances.
(7) In the event that prizes cannot be delivered due to a lack of information/mistakes/change of address/long periods of absence, the win will be deemed void.
(8) We do not accept questions in regards to the judging process or screening methods.
(9) No transfer, assignment, cash redemption or substitution of a prize will be permitted, except by Sponsor due to prize unavailability and then with a prize of equal or greater value.
5. Personal information
Personal information acquired from applicants and winners through this campaign is limited in usage to inquiries, contact, and the sending of prizes in relation to this campaign. In addition, information will not be revealed or disclosed to third parties other than for usage with subcontractors under our company’s management/supervision, (1) in the case of the stipulation of laws and regulations (2) for the above usage purposes. Please reference privacy_site_policy/ for more details of our company’s usage policy.
6. Liability and disclaimer
(1) Our company cannot be held liable for those who are unable to apply due to the smartphone model/usage conditions/connection environment/server environment of the applicant.
(2) Our company cannot be held liable for those who are unable to apply with applied works due to internet or server connection errors or other network-related issues.
(3) Our company cannot be held liable in the event of damages which occur to applicants through participation in this campaign.
(4) We are unable to respond to requests for the return of applied works.
(5) In the event that damages occur to an applicant through participation in this campaign, even if this is due to matters of our intention or through negligence, excluding those matters our company cannot be held liable for damages which occur such as lost profits, psychological-based damage or other special circumstances, with our company only bearing responsibility for damages caused directly and in reality.
(6) Our company cannot be held liable in the event of complains/trouble/disputes which occur between applicants and third parties through participation in this campaign, and these matters are requested to be dealt with between the relevant parties.
(7) In the event that an applicant violates this application agreement and our company occurs damages, there may be instances in which our company may demand compensation for occurred damages from the applicant.
7. Other
(1) There may be instances in which our company makes changes to this campaign, including changes to the application agreement, when deemed necessary. When changes are made to the application agreement and are published by our company, the changed application agreement will be made effective at that time.
(2) There may be instances in which our company will cancel or suspend this campaign due to unforeseen circumstances. Our company cannot be held liable if this occurs.
(3) In regards to usage of Instagram, follow the rules and specifications of the relevant operating company.
(4) The point of contact for inquiries in regards to this campaign is as follows. There may be instances in which a response cannot be given to inquiries, and additionally we are unable to respond to inquiries outside of the realm of this campaign.
(Point of contact for inquiries)
Please make inquiries to contact@
We may not be able to correspond to all inquiries received by email.
(5) This application agreement is detailed in accordance with Japanese laws and ordinances.
(6) Even in the event that part of this application agreement is not effective under Consumer Contract Law or other laws and ordinances, all other aspects of the agreement are effective to the greatest degree possible under Japanese laws and ordinances.
(7) In the event that a dispute occurs with our company in regards to this campaign or this service, in the first instance the Tokyo Naha District Court of Japan will be seen as the exclusive jurisdictional court. End.

* Instagram is a trademark of Instagram, LLC in the United States of America and other nations.

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